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  • Client

    Publicis Group

  • Completed

    January 2019

  • Location

    6300 avenue du Parc
    Ground level, 2nd and 5th floors

  • Project Team

    (Français) Imperatori Design
    Planifitech Experts-conseils
    Allied Properties REIT

Publicis Group

We have just completed the fit-up chosen by Publicis Groupe to gather under one roof all of its brands, being: Publicis, Nurun, Martel & Cie, MSL, North Strategic, Spark Foundry and Zenith in order to turn the space into a “pool” of talents as well as fully live the group’s philosophy that is “The power of one”.

By proceeding in such a way, Publicis Groupe insure all of their client access to all their agencies, which include more than 300 multidisciplinary talented people, to be served by project groups created according to the client’s specific needs. Their chosen space of over 46 000 sq.ft, located in the heart of the Mile-End, will be able to include up to 350 employees spread over 3 floors.

The Group’s new address, mostly formed of open space and neighboring concept, offers mostly “non-assigned” working areas allowing to serve their clients needs by teaming up flexible working groups. Le open space concept in intended as a path which starts as soon as the main entrance on Beaubien West street and lets you live the Publicis experience through a series of areas such as the specially designed freight elevator, common corridors and working areas which continues through the conference spaces and ends via the translucid staircase which transforms into a garden on the roof, transformed into a terrace.

Amongst these areas, we also find a lounge area, coffee station area and a sound-controlled studio.

Le greatest challenge of this particular project has certainly been to execute the work in an unalterable schedule of 13 weeks. Even with this extremely tight timeframe, the deadline has been met.