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Get the best out of working with P&R Desjardins

Now 60 years of working with clients has taught us a thing or two about successful projects. Here, we’ve distilled the essence into a useful guide to working with P&R Desjardins, so everything runs like clockwork.

P&R Desjardins is a true partner to its clients

6 steps to a successful collaboration

Involve us from the start

We have a lot of site knowledge and can advise in ways that help the decision-making process and produce a better result.

Agree to a master timeline

Together, we’ll identify the key decision-making dates and build in a buffer for contingencies to allow for anything unexpected that might crop up.

Realistically assess project priorities

This will help us know how to deliver the results you’re after. So, what are your project’s priorities? Time, flexibility, budget, quality, sustainability, comfort, design aesthetics or durability?

Identify construction elements covered in the contractual lease

Preparation is key to success. So by identifying what is covered in the lease, we can agree on an approach that’s acceptable for both the tenant and landlord.

Notify us of corporate standards to abide by

Let us know if your project is governed by any corporate standards or guidelines, so we can ensure our work meets them.

Undertake a Value Engineering session

This is a creative meeting between our project teams so they can analyse how the project requirements can achieve the essential functions for the lowest costs.