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General News | 7 February 2020

P&R celebrates its 60th Anniversary!

P&R 60 ans anniversaire

60 years of P&R. Time to celebrate!

At the dawn of the Quiet Revolution in 1960, as Quebec opens up to a modern era, two young engineers in their twenties set the first milestone in P&R’s adventure, to make their mark in the construction industry in Greater Montreal. Each step is carefully thought out in advance… To deliver on time, the promised quality…

Following years of constant growth, the founders have taken their well-deserved retirements but only after setting up a foundation of strong company values; always thriving to deliver beautiful and larger projects while maintaining a commitment of “quality” and “punctuality”.

Today, after 60 years, we can appreciate most of Greater Montreal buildings bearing the P&R imprint from numerous projects.

To continue the momentum given by the founders, the talented team in place can count on the involvement and energy of its employees, suppliers, subcontractors, collaborators and on the confidence of its customers.

To everyone, a big “THANK YOU” and “Hope to celebrate together” during the year.